Edgar Lamela
VP Business Development

A passionate marketing professional and strategic thinker with more than 20 years of proven experience helping companies succeed and build leadership in Technology, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Direct Selling markets.

His commercial background has been built from a solid base of sales, managing key accounts for companies like Procter & Gamble and then complemented with a rocketing marketing career at Unilever, going from local brand manager to marketing manager for the Andean region in Latam. Later, Edgar enhanced his skills by moving into the technology practice where he managed products and applications, plans and services, and also hardware and platforms, directly for companies like Verizon and Samsung, and indirectly for brands like Motorola, Nokia and Qualcomm.

Edgar delivers business results by creating high performance and committed teams, capable of delivering sustained profitable growth. His vision of fostering shared values, objectives and responsibilities, as well as leading by example, has driven his teams not only to be accountable for their goals but to exceed it.

As a strategy leader, he has a broad Hispanic/Latin American expertise, having been responsible for Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and worked in regional projects for Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Central America and the Caribbean. In USA, Edgar has mastered how to successfully launch start-up companies developing strategies to attract and retain distributors and customers, for american and hispanic markets.